Premium Car Over Kwid Being Explored by Renault

New report speculates a ‘premium’ car over Kwid. It could possibly be the Kwid sedan expected to be under four meter long… The CMF-A platform saw its first product in 2015 in the form of the Renault Kwid. With bookings crossing the 1 lakh mark, the car has been joined by its Datsun counterpart, the … Read more

Renault-Nissan is 1 Million Car Old in India; Nissan to Replace Some Models

Though it has faced its own ups and downs but the Renault Nissan alliance could be considered as one the most successful collaborations of modern times in the field of automobiles. While still taking baby steps in India, the giant has already reached a significant milestone. A certain Nissan Micra which rolled out from the … Read more