CIAZ vs City vs Verna vs All C2 Sedans: Mega Price COMPARO

The launch of Ciaz at interesting price points has triggered another very important price war in the fierce C2 sedan segment. Without waiting a wee bit, let us share with you a comprehensive price comparo report of all the prominent sedans available in this segment, and there are 9 of them here…

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Speculation: New Renault Scala Facelift Launch Next Month


Other than the Duster, the Renault range in India has not really caught the Indian buyers’ fancy. It’s not the vehicles’ fault per se and infact, all of them are fine products to be honest. However, they are just not attractive enough to lure an average Indian away from the clutches of Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, and a few others…

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Sunny Facelift vs Scala vs Etios vs Sail vs Classic: Price & Spec COMPARO

With the launch of new Sunny facelift in India yesterday, Nissan has upped the game in this price conscious segment. Sunny already enjoyed the crown of being the most spacious car by a few notches.

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