Made in India Dusters Recalled in the UK due to Corrosion Issues!

Renault India has been having some great time thanks to its most successful model, the Duster. The company used to even export the compact, Dacia-badged, Duster to the United Kingdom. The parent company though later on shifted the load of exports to Count Dracula’s Romania as it makes much more sense to import from a closer area to reduce transportation costs, thereby also easing the load on the Indian arm that was having a bit of a difficulty handling exports and domestic sales at the same time.


While the cessation of exports might have been a good move for the company, which is now in a good position to satiate the domestic needs quickly, problems seem to have come up in the export units which it manufactured between January 2013 and August 2014. As per a report in Overdrive, this made in India car will be recalled because of some corrosion issues!

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