Orca: Fastest Indian Electric CAR Developed by IIT Bombay Racing Team: Tata Announces Support

Tata, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the country has announced their support for the IIT Bombay Racing team as the official automotive partner. The folks at the premier engineering college have developed Orca which is the fastest Indian electric race car. In fact it is faster than a lot of international sports cars.

Developed after 8 years of hard work, the Orca can hit a maximum speed of 145 kmph and can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.4 second. IIT Bombay Racing is an independent student organisation comprising of 80 students with a formal three tier team system structure spread across eight engineering disciplines. The group is united by a common ambition of being at the forefront of the global student motorsport.

IIT Bombay Racing Orca

Here’s what Mr Vinod Kulkarni, Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata, had to say:

“Tata Motors will support IIT Bombay’s Racing Team’s ambitions in rolling out Orca, a cutting edge sustainable automotive racing innovation, as a part of its commitment towards the development of engineering skills, bridging academia and business gap. We wish Team IIT Bombay Racing Team all the very best for first big Formula Student race in the UK.”

The Orca will be compete in the Formula Student UK in the month of July. This competition is the pinnacle of challenges for all engineering students. Universities from around the world are challenged to design and build a single seater racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events, which flaunts their understanding and tests the performance of the vehicle.

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