MB Reader Spies Uncamouflaged Tata Bolt Being Benchmarked Against Swift

In another interesting new bit coming from the house of Tatas, the upcoming Bolt hatchback is snapped without any camouflage. The orange coloured mule pictured here was snapped by our long time reader Kiran.

Spotted in Pune, Kiran tells us that this appears to be the top of the line model and it had airbags, projectors, fog lamps, rear wiper and orange/black interiors. Actually, if you see carefully there is another Bolt which is completely camouflaged. Quite interestingly, it is running on different and smarter alloy wheels. The most interesting bit about this spotting is the presence of ‘test’ Swift.


The trio was apparently getting ready for some trip where they would collect test data and benchmark the new Bolt with the results obtained from Swift. This ploy of manufacturers comparing their upcoming products with segment leaders is not new by the way.


It appears that Tata would use this orange colour as their signature colour for Bolt. Talking about the mule we have here, the front fascia, though has a clear resemblance with Vista, looks well done. No matter what, projectors do help lend smarter looks. There are chrome inserts inside the headlamp unit which enhance the looks.

The alloys on the orange mule look very drab and basic. However, it is the chunky chrome strip at the rear which spoils the day. It should have been a lot thinner. In these pics, it appears an after-market fitment!


There is no badging at the rear, signifying that the badges may not be ready yet. The blackened out C-Pillar has irregular pattern, for reasons best known to Tata.

In an exclusive, we have busted that Tata will launch the Zest sedan on or before 4th of July in India (report here), with Bolt following a little later. In terms of engines, you already know that Bolt will come with 1.3L Quadrajet diesel engine producing 75PS & 190Nm and turbocharged 1.2L Revotron petrol engine producing 85PS and 140Nm.

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4 thoughts on “MB Reader Spies Uncamouflaged Tata Bolt Being Benchmarked Against Swift”

  1. How come the test swift comes with a proper MH-14 number plate? Just because you see a swift next to that and there a good probability considering number of swifts on road, doesn’t mean they are bench-marking it openly and that too in Pune traffic.

    • Sushrut, the Swift is a part of the same contingent 🙂
      And for a benchmark rival mule, they cannot use temporary test number plates…

  2. Ahh!! But the car looks good and paint finish also is awesome. I saw non-camouflaged Blue colour Bolt in Pune itself on Paud road but was not able to take any snaps. But even that colour looked good.


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