In order to build up the hype, Tata Motors has launched promotional ringtones for its upcoming hatchback Bolt and compact sedan Zest.

Tata seems to have done a pretty good job with the Bolt and the Zest, giving them a youthful appeal which had been missing from Tata cars. The well-crafted cars have been linked with peppy ringtones which I have to admit, are pretty nice.

I have grown up listening to melodies of ‘Rabindrasangeet’ and my taste of music is not really congruent to the ringtones, yet they did seem to strike a chord.

Tata-Zest-Pics (13)
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While the Zest portrays the eagerness for life owing to the vitality it carries along with itself by providing a sense of anticipation. The Zest ringtone signifies exuberance and dynamic, zestful energy. The Bolt, on the other hand, has swiftness and a thirst for winning. This ‘Yes we can’ attitude has been well extrapolated to the Bolt ringtone as well.

Car makers have realised that cars can no longer be sold only on the basis of quality products. They need efficient brand management and truck loads of ‘correct’ marketing. They need to be in the minds of prospective customers as much as possible.

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Mahindra has used a similar strategy with the ‘We live Young’ campaign (which is our editor’s mobile ringtone :D) and I must say it imbibes a feel of adventure. People who have grown up in the 80s and 90s still remember the signature ‘Hamara Bajaj’ tune. While these ringtones might not be able to reach that cult status, many will definitely appreciate and connect with them.

You can download Zest Ringtone here and Bolt ringtone here.

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