Weekender - Art Nano

Continuing with its promotion of Nano, Tata showcased the second edition of Nano: Art-in-Motion, where a Tata Nano is painted in innovative defined themes to portray different feelings and expressions.

Weekender - Art Nano

The second edition saw the Weekender Art Nano at NH7 music festival which was held in Pune. The Weekender Art Nano was painted by graffiti artist Bruce Dunn and portrays the spirit of self-expression. Inspired by music, this Nano was painted by a mixed medium of luminescent and acrylic paints.

Nano: Art in Motion provides artists Nano as a canvas wherein they can pen down their creativity, imagination and thoughts.  Through this initiative, Tata is promoting Nano as a colorful, fun car.

According to Tata, “The Tata Nano is a fun car, and art is all about having fun with colours, creativity and personal expression. Through this initiative, the Tata Nano is marrying art and utility to showcase a series of Tata Nano, which will be embellished with varying theme-based imagery, further accentuating the brand’s personality as a personal symbol. The first art car focussed on the theme of celebration.


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