Tata has showcased some real interesting concepts of some of its cars including the Safari Storme. First up it was the Mountain Rescue Edition which was unveiled at Geneva Auto Show in 2013.

Then we had the new Ladakh Concept which found its place at the Delhi Auto Show in February this year. Looking at the history, Tata doesn’t have a real knack of launching them for public use.

Our question is – Then Why to display?


Nonetheless, Tata has uploaded a new promotional video of Safari Storme SOUL which showcases the playfulness of their SUV. The promo video circulates around a bunch of friends which race to reach a certain spot. And how they take different routes which include water, dirt and other terrains.

But the bigger point we want to highlight here is the presence of ‘Storme Ladakh Concept’ that this video features (screengrab above). Take a look around the 45th second when the white Ladakh Concept makes its appearance. The short video also features the Explorer Edition of Safari Storme.

Safari Storme Ladakh Concept

So, the next question is – will Tata finally break their stubbornness and launch the Storme Ladakh Concept for official sale in India and soon?

For all of you starters, Ladakh Concept is a special edition of Safari Storme which carries the same 2.2L 140PS/320Nm engine but with some interesting cosmetic add-ons. It gets cladding all around the SUV, a snorkel, All-Terrain Tyres, LED Fog lamps and the most visually attractive Satin white colour with a mix of Rock Grey and Anodized Blue. It also has a GO-Pro camera fitted at the front which will helps you record all your adventure in real time.

Tata-Safari-Storme-Mountain-Rescue-Concept (3)
Storme Mountain Rescue Edition. Click pic for more images & details

You can check out more pics and all specifications of Safari Storme Ladakh Concept here. And do tell us if you would want it to be launched-for-sales by Tata?

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Safari Storme Video: Drive with SOUL: Discover New Trails

(Facing Issues? Watch it directly at YouTube)




  1. Storme ladakh is really appealing n tata shud seriously think of launching it….I think its the best looking suv till date from tata …if launched iwill b more than happy to get in to expedition cabin


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