I am sure you would’ve seen Tata Prima commercial on tele one of these days. I am not sure though if you have read stories run on motorbash.com detailing Tata introducing truck racing to India. The first ever truck race in the country is scheduled to start on 23 March 2014. The race will feature 12 modified Tata Prima 4038.S trucks.

Tata-prima-lx-launch (2)

While the race is still a couple of weeks away, the company has launched as many as 10 new models in the country – six new models of Prima LX in the cargo segment and 4 new tippers:


  1. Prima LX 4928.S SRT
  2. Prima LX 4928.S HRT
  3. Prima LX 4028.S SR
  4. Prima LX 4028.S HR
  5. Prima LX 2523.T
  6. Prima LX 3123.T


  1. Prima LX 2523.K
  2. Prima LX 2528.K
  3. Prima LX 3123.K
  4. Prima LX 3128.K

All of these have different combinations of drivelines and load bodies and can be deployed across all possible applications.

Tata-prima-lx-launch (4)

The Prima LX trucks are being promoted by the company as modern and affordable trucks built and designed as per world-class standards, with an ideal blend of technology and economy, with a combination of power, fuel efficiency, affordability and superior performance for quick turnaround time and hence best-in-class TCO (Total cost of ownership).

Tata also claims that the cabins of these trucks are world-class with advanced technologies for reduced noise, vibration levels and safety, along with provisions for optional fitments to create a healthy and stimulating working environment for drivers. The often overlooked nut behind the wheels of trucks in India, the driver, it seems, is finally getting his dues.

Tata-prima-lx-launch (3)

Reading about the assorted hands that have been put to use while producing the Primas, it would seem like the recipe for a heady cocktail – an Italian cab design, engine technology from the USA and Europe, gearbox expertise from Germany, chassis frame know-how from Mexico, sheet metal dies from Japan and Korea, combined with Swedish precision on a robotic weld line.

Power of 5:

Tata Motors has also introduced what it calls the “Power of 5,” a set of innovative offerings:

  • Tata Alert is a highway assistance program for medium and heavy commercial vehicles, available across all national highways.
  • Tata FleetMan – Fleet telematics service allowing customers to monitor their fleet from the comfort of their office or homes.
  • Triple Benefit Insurance – In partnership with Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Company.
  • Four-year warranty.
  • Extended Service Interval with claimed savings of INR 30,000 over 4 years.


Prima LX range starts at Rs 18.5 lakhs and goes all the way to 32.5 Lakhs. This is an important 20% lesser than the main Prima truck range and only 5% higher than their regular trucks.

Not only in the passenger car segment, the leader Tata has been sliding in the commercial space as well. To retain the dominance, the company is really getting aggressive and the launch of these trucks is the result of the same.




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