Barely a few days back, we shared with you exclusive spyshots of Tata’s Light Specialist Vehicle which was caught on test in Pune. Flip a few pages and today we share yet another set of exclusive spyshots of the same vehicle which was caught by one of our avid reader Kiran Munjal, who has also shared many first-time spyshots of different vehicles with us earlier.


Far away from the last time (when our hearts were ringing patriotic chimes) this time we share details of the vehicle with you. Called as the LSV or Light Specialist Vehicle, this Tata’s hard looking Hummer-type vehicle is a military specific crude mini-truck. It was first showcased at the 2008 Defence Expo.

Tata LSV comes with a 3.0 Liter common rail DICOR engine which pumps out 115 bhp of peak power and 320Nm of maximum torque. It gets a 4-wheel drive with an Automatic Transmission. Tata’s LSV is a customizable platform and is an all-terrain vehicle which can carry troops, ammunition, food supplies etc to the most demanding situations. It can also be a military ambulance.

Tata-Light-Specialist-Vehicle (2)

This LSV is capable of reaching a top speed of 100kmph and gets power steering and Air Conditioning as standard. The test mule spotted here is loaded on a trailer and shod with Goodrich All Terrain tyres. The difference in today’s pictures is that the vehicle has a soft-hood which was absent the last time we spotted it.

On another thoughts, if Tata can make such a menacing looking crude off-roader why not a (little) smaller Thar competing for-public vehicle?

Your thoughts..?

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Tata Light Specialist Vehicle Spy Pic Gallery




  1. Why can’t army build reliable Land cruiser/Mega cruiser under license at their VFJ facility, like they built Jonga? Why they want to put soldier’s life at stake by using next to junk Tata & Mahindra? Civilians do not need any Unreliable ‘Thar’ from Tata. The original Jeep will be here soon. Off road guys can enjoy the real stuff. Off course it will be expensive but will not need a visit to garage after every off road ride to replace broken tie rods and align a misaligned suspension/steering.

  2. TATA needs to put together some dependable compact SUV and SUV; the type whose body work and suspension will not sag and wilt…which can look tough even after 3/4 years…the old Jeeps were like that…
    TATA is a good brand…they need the right product to become what they have the potential to be- our own world beaters…


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