Tata Motors Kicks Back to Third Spot; Future Plans of Mahindra and Tata

Tata Motors ceding the third place to Mahindra was a big news last month. However, good times for Mahindra did not last for long as Tata Motors is back to where it belonged.Tata has reclaimed the Third Position from Mahindra & Mahindra in passenger vehicles sales in July 2012. Tata Motors sold 26,240 units of passenger vehicles in the month of July while M&M stood behind at 22,011 units. The cumulative sales from April to July 212 for Tata Motors (86,679 units) is also higher than M&M (83,515 units).


Previously, M&M overtook Tata Motors for the first time and went into the third position in the first quarter of Financial Year 2013. In that period, M&M sold 61,504 units whereas Tata Motors sold 60,405 units only. However, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai still continues to hold the number one and number two positions respectively.

Future Plans of Tata & Mahindra

Right now, one of the most awaited car of the country is the Nano Diesel. Tata is also planning for a CNG variant of Nano which should be in the market soon. Surprisingly, it seems Tata is working on various variants of Nano, here is one cute looking dual-tone we caught in Pune.


Tata is also preparing a Left Hand Drive Nano for the overseas market and are busy testing the LHD Aria (again for the International markets).  Then the ever so eager to get caught Tata Indica XL is being prepared for the Taxi market. However, the most awaited launch from the company currently is the Safari Storm which would be launched in September.

M&M has recently launched the All New Verito. This they would follow with a 3-Cylinder Engine powered Mini Xylo and a Compact version of the Verito. A few sources also reveal that Mahindra is also about to enter the smaller hatchback segment with a B-segment hatch based on Verito.

So, we can see that both the companies have so many trumps in their cards! The battle is sure to become tougher. The one which can keep a good connect with the customer and provide value for money robust products would win in the longer run.



Arghya Pan

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