tata nano emax cng

Tata Nano eMax CNG will be launched on the 8th of October in Ahmadabad, according to Indian Autos Blog. They have also got their hands on some images of the upcoming car.

tata nano emax cng

Externally, the Nano eMax CNG is quite similar to the regular ones powered by gasoline. The minute difference is the stickering at the rear of the car that indicates the use of CNG as a fuelling option. In the interiors, we get more significant differences.

Most noticeably, there is a larger steering wheel and an instrument console with newer graphics. The tanks for storing CNG are placed underneath the driver’s seat. There are two tanks each of 4 Litre capacity, and together they can hold around 5-6 kgs of CNG. It is being said that the Nano eMax would be able to cover about 36 km per kilo of CNG.

tata nano emax cng

A fire extinguisher is also being provided as a safety precaution, in case the CNG decides to undergo a change of state and expands furiously.  😉

The Nano eMax CNG will also be able to run on petrol. The fuel indicator will display the level of CNG whenever the car is running on it. Once the car runs out of CNG, it will automatically switch to using petrol in the engine. The fuel indicator will also start displaying the readout of the petrol level.

tata nano emax cng

The Nano eMax CNG will be offered in two variants:  LX and CX. The higher spec LX variant, as shown above, will get dual-tone beige interiors. The CX variant, on the other hand, will get black interiors. It is being said that the mobile charger output will not be provided across the variants. Both the variants will also have a higher seating position as compared to the regular Nano because of the CNG tanks underneath the driver’s seat.

tata nano emax cng

It is being whispered that the Nano eMax CNG will carry a premium of about 40,000 INR as compared to the regular Nano versions, which we feel is a lot and may not win a lot of customers. It is the Nano diesel that we are really interested in which is expected to bring in the much needed volumes for the company.

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