Faced with falling sales and a dwindling market share, Tata Motors is planning a fightback. One important aspect of that turnaround is lending the Tata Nano an upgrade to a so-called Smart City Car, so says Cyrus Mistry according to Economic Times.


Data shows that Tata Motors is on a decline, with its total standalone sales having slipped by 14% from a year earlier. Market share in passenger car space has reduced to 8.9% in July from 11.8% in March. Tata Motors is also facing the heat in its traditional stronghold of commercial vehicles, and has witnessed a fall from 56.1% to 52.9 %.

Tata Nano, once touted as “People’s Car”, has witnessed teething problems from the start. Despite a slew of discounts and freebies, customers apparently aren’t paying too much attention to the Tata Nano. The dedicated Nano plant at Sanand still continues to run much below than even half of its capacity.

This has warranted the Tata Motors think-tanks move to reposition the Tata Nano as a smart city car instead of a bare necessity automobile. They hope to attract young customers with the help of these moves. Features that will be added to the Tata Nano are the much needed Power Steering, improved interiors and exteriors as well as better fuel efficiency.

Tata-Nano-Diesel (3)
A rare pic of the Nano diesel test mule with the regular Nano. Click pic for details

The question is when? Since the 2013 Nano is already out in the market and looking at the history, Tata upgrades the Nano once in a year. Will Nano get power steering sometime in between or will it get it for the diesel and/or the CNG variant that are coming soon?

Customers has been demanding an openable hatch for a long time however, its only in the upcoming diesel Nano that we have spotted such a provision. When will the diesel Nano come is not known concretely. Where is the pixel or at least a carry over of it? Tata needs to act fast and quicken up the process if they want the Nano to do any better else it will be a dud always!

Check out the latest clear spyshots of Nano Diesel




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