As I have updated on facebook a few days back as well, today I finally managed to get hold of the Nano which have been found testing around the Hinjewadi area of Pune. In fact, regularly there is a small fleet of Nano’s I see under test in this area only.

A few days back 3 Nano’s were going back to back with closed window glasses and a page stripped in front of every driver mentioning some notes (I hope). Today, this Nano was standing exactly in front of the TCS office in Phase 3 of Hinjewadi. As soon as I spotted it, went ahead and stopped just in front of the car and as soon as the driver saw me he started moving slowly and seeing me following him he fled away. The driver was a TATA employee and he was extremely slow initially possibly examining something.

Anyways, I couldn’t notice any external changes on the car. It was not a diesel as well then what is TATA testing?



Saad Khan






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