TATA Safari Storme Caught Testing Again – Clear Pics

We catch the TATA’s most awaited SUV, Safari Storme once again and at the same stretch of the Mumbai Pune highway where it was caught by our alert eyes. Last time the one which we caught was all camouflaged. This time we have caught actually 2 Stormes – one is the same camouflaged one and the other a proper Maroon colored variant.


When we were passing by these cars were standing on the roads. After going back to them it felt possibly the drivers were changing their rides. On asking them a few questions, they only said that the company is planning to officially make this SUV available in the market by next month as testing is possibly in the last phases. He also specifically mentioned that the steering has been made lighter and the spare wheel finds a new place underneath the body.



The SUV definitely looks better finished than the current model as could be made out from the pics to some extent. Interiors feel plusher and more upmarket than the monotonous theme in the current variant. However, we feel the current Safari looks better as an SUV and possibly have a good fan following.


According to us, TATA should price this SUV sensibly to ensure it gets a much needed good run at the market else it might signal a doom for TATA in this segment. A speculated price of 11 Lakh is definitely not what TATA should be considering. TATA should do a Mahindra and keep an entry level tag as lower as possible which would ensure a blockbuster start to this car.


For now, relish the pics..!




Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash




8 thoughts on “TATA Safari Storme Caught Testing Again – Clear Pics”

  1. Thanx for the scoop I have few questions to you hope you could answer them .1) does the fit and finish is just good compared to the previous version or it’s miles ahead ? 2) does it still look imposing and regal like the previous version ? Thanx

    • Hi Rav,

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      1) From the brief encounter I had with this car, I feel it is a lot improved than the current Safari.
      2) On your second pt. Its a straight forward NO, personally! The previous version had a different enigma with it with its laidback attitude. This car looks different, not bad not fantastic… But yes it does look BIG…!


  2. from the spy shots i think the base version has 16″ wheels and only for the top end it has 17″ like that of aria. any news of 2 din music system with BT, steering mounted controls and comprehensive DIS.

  3. To add to what Saad said – Not bad not excellent.. Certainly would have been excellent had following been in place ( My personal views)

    1- Spare Wheel on the rear door.
    2- Tyres which looks even slim compared to old safari should have been wider to the old one infact.
    3- Rear straight 3rd row seats. may be something like innova.
    4- Features as of now no one knows but I am not sure how much tatas would have studied and in corporated from Innova, Thar & XUV5oo because i foresee that people (for eg myself) who would like to go for this one would require these things in this SUV-
    – Men are Back statement from old safari
    – Gadgets from XUV
    – Thoughness like Thar
    – & Luxury from innova
    – Price certainly less than XUV5oo top end (Still under cover yet)
    Why one wouuld ask for this much for lesser than XUV5oo price – Answer all of us know – End of it its a TATA and would be serviced by TATA.


    • It is expected sometime soon, however concrete dates are not known at this point. As soon as we get to know about them we will update it here.. 🙂


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