Tata has recently ventured into a new vertical of defense vehicles. At the 2012 DefExpo, which was held in Delhi from March 29-April 1, Tata showcased its new Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MPBV) concept.

Capable of indoor combat in locations like railway stations and airports, the MBPV is equipped with bullet resistant panels for protection, firing ports and compact dimensions with 4-wheel assisted turning for easy movement during combat. The vehicle can also climb stairs.

It has been developed jointly by VRDE-DRDO and Tata Motors and will be used by Force One, Para Battalions, NSG and marine commandos.

Also, Tata Motors launched a few other defense vehicles:

  • 12×12 Prahaar missile carriers
  • A light armored vehicle
  • A mobile bunker
  • A 6×6 7kl refueled
  • The quick deployment mobile communication terminal concept which provides secure IP connectivity for data, voice & video, between various nodes.


Tata’s latest modification for its new Safari, the Safari Storme Armored, which gets a reinforced chassis and suspension. The Xenon Recce 4×4 was also displayed and it will be used by both the armed forces in India and also abroad.



Rakesh Patel

Team MotorBash







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