Tesla May Launch Model 3 in India Next Year; May Bring More Cars

So, you want to buy a sports car but don’t want to have a conventional petrol driven model? The name that first come’s to everyone’s mind is Tesla! The world’s most successful electric car manufacturer has some serious plans to enter the Indian market soon.

And as per a report on Economic Times, the company will be launchingits upcoming sedan Tesla Model 3 which is smaller as well as more affordable than its existing international line-up. How soon you ask? If things go as planned, we might see Tesla’s existing line-up to be available as soon as next year.

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Tesla Model S has an exorbitant price tag of more than a hundred thousand dollars (more than 60 lakh rupees). The Model 3 on the other hand is expected to be priced around 35,000 US dollars and will be competing against the BMW 3 series. The India market is a storehouse of potentials waiting to be tapped, but unlike in the US, where each electric car gets at least 7,500 dollars as subsidy, the Indian market has nothing to look up to, yet. We also have more than 100 per cent of import duty weighing down companies from bringing their electrics to India.

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The report further states that the company sees India as a potential manufacturing centre for Tesla cars, but for this they want establishment of some firm policy supporting the government’s love for electric cars. The government in India, on the other hand, did recently announce its plans to start the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, via which it plans to have 6 to 7 million electric cars plying on the Indian roads by the year 2020. It also has plans to provide subsidy in tune of Rs 14,000 crores to make clean energy driven cars seem attractive.

India’s home-grown e2o by Mahindra ELectric is not doing a good job but the lack of infrastructure for charging places is a major inhabitant. Hopefully, entry of a brand like Tesla will change how things work round here.

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