Test Runs of Transit Elevated Bus Commences in China

One of the major reasons why I use a car when I am in a hurry is that public transportation is not very reliable. Yes, I love travelling around in a bus but the high chances of getting stuck in traffic often stops me from doing so. Guess what. The future might be very different. Months after a company in China first showcased the Transit Elevated Bus, they have tested it for the first time.

Chinese media confirms that the trial run was successful. The Transit Elevated Bus measures almost 22 m in length, 4.8 m in height and more than 7.8 m in width. Oh and it eats cars which come in front of it! Just kidding. It goes over them. In fact, cars can commute in the usual manner under its belly. Developed by TEB Technology Development Company it has a capacity of 300 people.


Running on embedded tracks fitted in the road it can hit a top speed of 60 kmph. Well if you can take 40 buses off the road it will go a long way in improving traffic condition. Shared by China Xinhua News, the TEB-1, as it is called, 5 more cities are in line to get it.


So wouldn’t you love something like this in India? Can it be successful in our crowded streets especially when the citizens our great nation have this destructive mindset embedded so deep in our characters? Unlikely! But can it be the answer for China where you have 50 lane traffic jams? Not so easily. For it has a lot of problems as well.


The ground clearance, despite its gargantuan structure, is rated at just 7 feet, which may be okay for regular city traffic but the moment you bring in trucks into the equation, it will be a problem. Also the side profile, on which the Transit Elevated Bus rides, needs to be protected so cars do not nick it. Create a small boundary wall? How will the cars, which are plying under the bus, want to move out of this lane?


Running on electric, this giant has another problem, how to provide constant electricity?

Yes a lot of questions need to be answered but the whole idea seems pretty interesting. What say guys?

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