It was 2005 when Audi launched their most wanted sports car, the R8. But unlike other cars, the R8 continuously went through minor changes that kept people drooling over it! Introduction of the roofless Spyder Model, an optional V10 and a sportier GT Model were possibly the biggest among all the changes made throughout the passing years. Now Audi says that it has completely revamped the 2013 R8 line-up that includes many changes.

A 7-Speed S-Tronic Transmission has been placed replacing the R-Tronic Transmission. This Transmission uses Dual Multi-Plate clutches; each clutch engages with two independent sub-transmissions and alternately select gears, resulting in smoother shifts that merely take a millisecond! A 6-Speed Manual Transmission is also on offer. The company says that cars equipped with the S-Tronic is actually faster to 60 miles per hour by three-tenths of a second in all models.

A new flagship R8 V10 Plus model has also been introduced. This model will use the same Carbon-Fibre reinforced plastics from the R8 GT. The front splitter, mirrors, side blades, rear diffuser and lining for the engine compartment are all constructed of the lightweight material. The 5.2-liter V10 has also been slightly improved compared to the standard V10 model, producing 550 HP of power and 540 Nm of torque.

As for exterior changes, they are not evident and takes a little close attention to spot. Redesigned LED Headlights and Tail lights have been made standard for the entire line-up. The front bumper and grille, rear bumper and diffuser have been re-worked. The tail pipes are now Circular.

This model will hit the production line at the end of this year for the European Market. Pricing for US market has not been announced yet.


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