The New Fiat 500 is now powered by a TwinAir aspirated Turbocharged Petrol Engine! This 2-Cylinder Engine is the Greenest Petrol Engine ever and has won the title Best New Engine of 2011. TwinAir (MultiAir) is a Fiat-Patented technology that uses electro-hydraulic valves to enable more precise combustion control. Adoption of this technology makes the 0.9-Litre (875 cc) Engine pumps up 23% more power than a 1.2-Litre engine while drastically reducing emission level and fuel consumption.


This Two-Cylinder Engine Develops 85 HP of power @ 5,500 RPM  and 145 Nm of Torque @ 1,900 RPM. Two transmission option is on offering: a 5-Speed Manual or 5-Speed Automatic Gearbox. This setup enables the car to do a 0-100 kmph in just 11 seconds with a top speed of 173 kmph. Amazingly, it consumes only 4.7 Litres of petrol for every 100 kilometres. Also, it has safety features like ABS, EBD, Seven Airbags, Stability Control and Traction Control.


This amazing car is available in multiple countries with a convertible variant. But sadly, Fiat India is still not in the mood to introduce it in the Indian car market. What could be the possible reason? Will they first strengthen the sales and service network and then introduce it? Or just some other reasons they have? Well, only time will answer the questions. Meanwhile, take a look at the photo gallery.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash


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  1. Fiat’s engine makes use of spring loaded valves that open/close at a definite fuel pressure. It makes use of multiple points to inject a pre-determined quantity of fuel, rather than the conventional single-central point of injection.


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