The Scorpion is Finally Here! Will it Change Fiat’s Fortunes?

Abarth is finally here! We talk about the Hot upcoming cars and will it change Fiat’s Image in India?

After a long wait and many deadline misses, Fiat has finally and officially launched their Scorpion – the Abarth Brand in India! For starters, Abarth is the performance brand which makes racing and road going cars and is completely owned by Fiat.

The first product to unleash the venom of Abarth is the 595 Competizione which carries a price tag of near 30 Lakhs ex-showroom, churns out 160 PS of peak power, 230 Nm of max torque from the 1.4 liter T-jet petrol motor and is the performance-version of Fiat 500. We rode it at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) recently and will share a quick first impression review soon. You can check its prices and features in our launch article.

Fiat 595 Abarth Competizione 1

The high cost is a resultant of the car being a CBU (completely built unit) import. If you have passed this of as just another of those non-affordable monsters which you can not buy.. wait…. the game is about to begin. After the 595 Competizione, the next car confirmed for our market under the Abarth brand is the spruced up Punto Evo!


The Abarth branded Punto will be locally produced and will churn out a power output of a whooping 145 bhp from the 1.4 liter T-jet petrol motor and will be the locally produced. It has already been showcased to the media and its launch is expected very soon. Do not miss its First Look.

At an expected price tag of Rs 10-11 Lakhs ex-showroom, Punto Abarth will be the Hot Hatch for India!

Fiat Avventura T-Jet 12

Following it will the Abarth Avventura which will come later. Nothing has been officially spoken about this crossover, but in an exclusive we busted 135 hp power figures of one its test mules. Avventura Abarth will also be powered by the same 1.4 liter T-Jet petrol motor and we are sure it will be the go-to car for all you cross-hatchback lovers, including softroaders!

This crossover Abarth is expected to be launched a couple of months after Punto and may also carry a slightly higher price tag.

That is what will form the Abarth umbrella in India, to start with. Now we loved the intent of Fiat here. Everyone knows that these over 10 Lakh performance oriented cars will not bring Fiat any major sales, but this will surely build the brand. Let us hope the Scorpion gets Fiat back to the reckoning and with more products in the portfolio later they rise the ladder…

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