Top Gear India Says Ford Ecosport Launching on 4th March!

Its been as big a hype as the, last time we know, was created by Renault Duster. After Autocar India’s claim of a approx Rs 5 Lakh as the base price of Ecosport, thousands of more have joined the waiting bandwagon.

And now, TopGear India has put up an article on their official website which claims that Ford will launch the Ecosport on 4th of March in Delhi. Now, 4th of March falls on a Monday and is just 4 days away from today and we are still waiting for any kind of a green flag from Ford.


It is a little doubtful but not impossible. In order to keep a tab on the final product, Ford might opt for a phased launch. The Top Gear article talks only about Delhi. Further, they say Ford is awaiting for the union budget which will be read out today to finally fine tune their pricing of the car and to accommodate any resultants, whether positive or negative, from the budget.

But one thing is common which is, that they are also claiming that Ford will be aggressive with their pricing in India. We are still unsure if this indeed will be the launch date of Ecosport. We would wait for an official confirmation from Ford and expect it should be coming in shortly after we know that cars have reached dealerships.

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Source: TopGear India

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