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Japanese major Toyota Motor Corp was the largest automobile manufacturer in terms of sale volumes from 2008 to 2010 but lost its momentum due to natural disasters like earthquake in Japan and floods in Thailand.

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The top spot was snatched by Detroit based General Motors followed by German based Volkswagen for the second spot. But, it did not take Toyota long to race ahead of the competition. According to Bloomberg, Toyota sold 2.49 million units in the first quarter where the corresponding figures for General Motors and Volkswagen stood at 2.28 million and 2.16 million units, enabling Toyota to jump back to the numero position in the first quarter of the new year.

These figures are possibly an indication that Toyota’s production is in full swing and all the issues caused by the natural disasters which hampered production seem to have been ironed out. On this occasion Toyota’s North American Vice President of external affairs said

Although being No. 1 is not the main goal for us, it’s nice to see because hopefully it shows we’re on the right track.”. He added “With customers reacting so positively to all of the new and updated products we’re introducing this year, we’re optimistic the good momentum will continue.



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