Toyota lost out to Volkswagen and General Motors in 2011 due to the production disaster that crippled the most reliable car maker’s production leading to a sharp decline in sales.

Toyota looks very much en route to reclaim their number one title which they lost in 2011. This would leave GM and VW fighting for the second place. Toyota has been topping the sales charts for the first three quarters with 7.4 million units sold compared to GM’s 6.95 million and Volkswagen’s 6.9 million units.


This comes largely as a result of US and Japan’s automarket booming despite the European markets slowing down. Toyota recorded a 29 percent increase in their US sales whereas the Japanese sales increased 41 percent compared to 2011. GM has posted an increase of 2.5 percent in global sales during the first three quarters of 2012 and looks to record their best sales ever after 2007’s 9.37 million units.

The third in the list, VW has exceeded its 2011 sales of 8.36 million units already in the current calendar year and their sales grew by over 31 percent in U.S.which are way more than any other car maker in US. Christopher Stuermer, an analyst with the IHS Automotive in Frankfurt states that VW will catch hold of the gap between them and Toyota by 2014 which appears to be in sync with their plans of becoming the world’s largest car maker by 2018. But that’s something which might or might not happen. For the time being ,Toyota is at the centre of the podium with VW and GM slugging it out for the second spot


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Source : CarScoop

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