Two Upcoming Cars From Mahindra in Two Months – Verito CS & E2O

From a niche hard utility vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra has transformed itself into one of the major players in the Indian automotive space.

After parting ways with Renault, they launched their own version of Logan and called it Verito. Mahindra’s Verito is doing better than what Renault Logan by Mahindra did. And now, they have further plans to penetrate deep into the market with another variant of Verito plus an electric car. Here are a couple of cars coming from their stables pretty soon.

Verito Compact Sedan:

This new variant of Verito was expected last year when Mahindra decided to facelift the current normal sized Verito. However, its confirmed that the smaller Verito with a chopped boot is coming around March-April this year.

The new Verito CS (let’s call it Verito CS for the time being), will be Mahindra’s best shot yet to sales. Verito CS will be launched with only the 1.5L diesel mill which we had predicted many months back. And the petrol mill will be omitted since it does not comply will the ‘Small’ car definition of our excise duty scheme, which is the very basis of Verito CS.


Verito CS has been spotted a few times earlier on tests and it seems it would more look like a notchback with a very small peaking boot (Check pics). We have also tried to analyze the possible pricing points for the new offering and according to us, it might just be priced slightly over Swift at around Rs 6.2 Lakh. If that goes true, that would definitely make it a terrific value for money preposition!

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Mahindra E2O:

If you are unaware, then Mahindra acquired Reva Electric company a few years back and the first Mahindra branded Electric car is coming in the form of a completely revamped version of erstwhile Reva NXR, which will be called as E2O. E2O looks absolutely different and a lot more practical than the older Reva. The new 2-door E2O will be bigger, more spacious and will come with a seating capacity of 4. At a single charge E2O will be capable of covering as many as 160kms and will have a much better performance.


There have been a few spyshots of E2O which have surfaced over the web. E2O will also come with some nice innovative features like auto-shut of charge when the battery gets fully charged, better driveability among others and will need 6-8 hours to get completely charged. E2O can also be used as a UPS to power your homes in case of a power failure.

Mahindra has been delaying E2O’s launch due to our government’s change in policies on electric vehicles and we expect it to make way in a couple of months.


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