Uncamouflaged Pictures of Renault Duster From Kolkata, Launch Very Near

Update: Renault Duster has been launched. Check all the details and on-road prices of Renault Duster by clicking on this link

As we get closer to Duster’s launch in India, a big hype is getting built up for the product. Now the initial hoopla does fall in favor of the car maker but we have seen times it has backfired! 

Keeping it straight, we would love to see an attractive price tag for the Duster. Renault has full chance to grab the first mover advantage by ousting as many of its compact SUVs as it can before the next big launch in the segment happens, that of the Ford EcoSport.

Renault Duster India


Meanwhile, the car under various iterations continues to be spotted here in India. TeamBhp member 1100D spotted a couple of Duster’s absolutely clear under no camouflage at all with what looks like proper registered number plates – one belonging to Delhi and the other one to Maharashtra. We already know the number of variants Duster would come in along with the various features of each variant.

These pictures clear all the air on what would the actual product would look like. The metallic brown color seems to be the pick of the lot of all what we have seen till now. The car looks wide with very good road presence. The stance seems to be a little lower than what it initially looked like.

Renault Duster India

Duster might also be nearing its launch since a few dealers have already started taking its bookings. Also, if you register for a test drive, you are told that the car is getting launched in July.

Great news this! Looks like a very potent product, Renault come on…make it sell, price it well!



Source: 1100D from team-bhp


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