Ahead of its London premiere on the 8th of next month, the new Jaguar XE, one of the most anticipated luxury cars of recent times, again gives us some news-worthy material and this time it is for the absolutely new infotainment system that will go in the smallest Jag.

Jaguar XE Incontrol

It is called “InControl” and the name suggests that this would be one integral feature of the XE that would allow you to keep a tab on your car better than ever before. How about starting your car from your balcony? Though I wonder why you would do that, with “InControl Remote” you can; perhaps to just scare that dog away that might be sniffing too close for comfort.

No seriously, not only can you start the car from a remote location (the press release says ‘from anywhere in the world’) you can also access the car’s climate control system remotely. Makes sense actually, when it’s two in the afternoon and you don’t want to sit in an oven first and then switch the air-con on. So you get the in-cabin temperature of the XE to the desired level and then leave your air-conditioned house (or office) to sit in the car. How would you do that, you ask? Well, through your Android or iPhone, simple! Jaguar’s InControl system, other than allowing you to manage the de rigueur functions and facilities of such systems, also allows you to sync up your Android mobile or iPhone to it and carry out the aforementioned tasks and more.


Once in the car, the InControl’s 8-inch touchscreen interface can be used to access your smartphone’s apps and it will also function as a Wifi spot too with the car’s antenna always providing a signal strong enough to connect multiple devices. Yes, the passengers too would be really happy (and preoccupied to let you drive in peace).

The latest infotainment system is complemented by a laser head-up display (HUD), which Jaguar says is an industry first. The laser displays speed and other necessary information onto the windscreen and Jaguar claims that the HUD is smaller and almost a third lighter than existing systems.

Jaguar XE will compete with the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, and BMW 3-Series and will carry a range of engine options to handle everything from the rivals’ base models to their RS, AMG, and M versions too! Excited..? Yes, we are!

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