XCLUSIVE: Upcoming Celerio Diesel’s Power Output Revealed

The recently launched petrol version of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio has been doing pretty well and has been well-accepted in the market. The company managed to ship over 6000 units of the car last month and the number can be expected to increase in the coming months.

Last we heard, the AMT version of Celerio has a waiting period of nearly 6 months, though the manual transmission is available off the shelf. The customers, though, are eagerly waiting for the launch of the diesel version of the car.


If you have been a regular at MotorBash, you would already know that Celerio will get the 2 cylinder 800cc diesel engine which will first be plonked on Maruti’s first ever LCV ‘Y9T’ (spyshot below).

Now Team MotorBash has gone digging deep underground to get more details for our valued readers. And we do have some real revealing bits and here they are…

The engine is being tested by Maruti’s engineers in their Gurgaon plant. And we have been able to dig out the power figures for you. As per our sources, the tiny 2-pot engine will churn out maximum power output of around 38bhp. It may seem a little less at the upfront but diesel engine is more about its torque, figures of which still remain elusive as of now. In comparison, Chevrolet Beat’s 3-cylinder 1L diesel engine produces 58.5PS of peak power output.

As is apparent and sensible, Maruti is working on making it more fuel efficient and driveable, with minimal turbo lag. Now there is still a lot of time before the Celerio diesel hits the roads. Apparently the new engine still has a number of issues plaguing it.

Maruti-Suzuki-Y9T-LCV-Spy-Pic (2)
Y9T LCV which will get the engine first. Click pic to check exclusive spyshots

The engineers are slugging it out to make it a passenger-car worthy motor. The single biggest issue, as is expected, is the high NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels which would have to be real controlled. Turbo lag is another issue, which according to our source, is an issue Maruti Suzuki’s engineers are working on.

This being their first indigenously-developed diesel engine for India, Maruti will have to be extra cautious. As per our sources, it will still take roughly six months before the engine could enter mass production (if all the niggles are sorted out), and it is absolutely certain that it will miss the festive season rush.

After the Y9T LCV, this engine will go to the Celerio diesel which will be launched sometime next year. We have the power figures, we are trying to dig in for some more info! Keep tuned, we also have a slight little sneak into the fuel efficiency figures, a confirmation awaited!

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