Nissan’s plan to make a success story with their Datsun brand is not going well in India and the situation has been worsened by the recent report by NCAP but that has not put them down and with new enthusiasm and zeal, they are setting the pace to welcome their new compact MPV, the Datsun Go+.

Let us quickly list down a few interesting bits about the car, which we have already driven a few days back.

  • Since the price has not been released yet, the single biggest feature of the Go+ right now is its overall length. At 3,995 mm, the Go+ is a brilliant proposition for an Indian car buyer who wants to buy a small car, which won’t have a big price tag but at the same time will be able to ferry his entire family (if your kids are under 10 that is!). Being a sub 4 meter car it also helps to be an option for people who just want single car which can double up as a large luggage carrier as well (by folding down the third row).
  • Go+ comes with a 170 mm ground clearance which, in our test on the hilly terrains of Rishikesh did not bottom out or scrape the bottom. It should be a nice urban outing even when loaded.

Datsun-Go+-MPV-Pics (3)

  • In comparison with Go hatchback, Go+ is 20mm longer and weighs only 39 kgs heavier.
  • Go+ has an effective cabin length of 1638mm which Nissan claims is the best in the segment and is comparable to the B+ cars in the country.
  • It comes with a boot capacity of 347 liters with the 3rd row folded down. With them up, it is a negligible 48 liters.
  • Go+ comes with a turning radius of 4.6 meters.
  • The 35 liters is not really large but when you factor in its ARAI rated fuel efficiency of 20.62 kmpl, the range should be fairly decent.
  • Like Go, Go+ will also come in 4 variants – D, D1, A & T.

Datsun-Go+-MPV-Pics (2)

  • This is not a real long distance highway car and comes with zilch safety features. There are no airbags and ABS even as an option. Central locking is available only in the top variant only.
  • Of the four variants available, only the top two models get an air conditioner. In the other two you just get a blower. Also, only the top T variant gets the Mobile Docking Station with aux-in and USB port. The USB port though has a catch, as it can only be used as a charging point.

Datsun-Go+-MPV-Pics (1)

  • Last but not the least, it gets the same 1,198 cc HR12DE DOHC 3 cylinder mill producing 67 PS of power and 104 Nm of peak torque. Though the power figures may not seem explosive and nor should they be when you consider the segment and price Nissan is targeting but let us tell you, it left us real impressed with its peppiness!

With its launch in a couple of weeks from now, we expect it to start at a fantastic price tag of Rs 3.49 Lakhs or thereabouts!




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