A barrage of products might soon explode from the stable of Nissan. Recognizing SUVs as an important driver of their growth, they could be looking at a few more unveilings. The Nissan Terrano will be unveiled later this month. Infiniti, their sub-brand which is perched atop their parent brand, is waiting in the wings to take a strike. Nissan has also decided to localize the production of the X-Trail.

However, that is far from the complete picture. Even though the Terrano isn’t launched yet, they are considering the prospects of another compact SUV, the Qashqai. According to Autocar, the Qashqai crossover will be positioned a tad higher above the Terrano.

Nissan Qashai India

Nissan has officially stated that they are going hammer and tongs after the Indian market. The revival of Datsun will also be followed by the development of the Nissan lineup. Earlier, there had been talks of the Sylphy sedan to take on the Toyota Corolla. However, it seems that these plans will be scrapped in favor of the Qashqai. The general downturn in the Saloon segment is also to blame.

The Qashqai can’t be expected to lord over all types of terrain, however it will pack in more punch than a hatchback within city limits. Qashqai does look eye-catching, and it’s difficult to deny this.

The Euro-version of Qashqai is available with a range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines (including the popular Renault 1.5-litre K9K diesel). Both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, as well as automatic and  manual transmissions are available. There are the choices of both five or seven-seat configurations, but we aren’t sure about which combination Nissan will select for our market.

The evens loaded in favour of the Qashqai are that it has been designed as a premium product over the Terrano, hence good quality and numerous features are expected. Keep tuned to us as we try to get more on the Qashqai.




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