Upcoming Tata Nano Twist With Power Steering: All Details & First Ever Spyshots

To infuse fresh life and appeal into the Tata Nano, Tata Motors is readying a new variant of Nano which comes with an Electronic Power Steering. This variant will be called the Tata Nano Twist and we also have the first ever spyshots of the car, courtesy, Cartoq.com.

Tata Nano has been wriggling in the dirt ever since its launch, partly due to a self-hurting image of being the world’s cheapest car and partly due to lack of useable features. The dedicated Nano factory at Sanand in Gujarat isn’t able to function to even half of its capacity as the demand for Nano continues at a slow ebb.

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Despite the Nano needing a complete brand overhaul, Tata Motors is opting for a revamp strategy in bits-and-pieces. The previously introduced Tata Nano eMax CNG aimed at attracting buyers with its green credentials. Now, for the first time ever, Tata Nano will come with an Electronic Power Steering. Nano Twist will be offered in two variants – XC and XT and will be placed over the existing CX and LX variants respectively.

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Tata Motors has developed an entirely new Electronic Power Steering for the Nano Twist along with with supplier ZF Friedrichshafen. It is being claimed that the new EPS uses sunrise technology in the from of a brushless motor. It also boasts of an “Active Return” feature which is unheard of in EPS systems used in small cars like the Tata Nano. Inspite of all this, the steering ratio will remain unchanged as compared to the other Nanos equipped with manual steering systems as reported by Autocar.

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In addition to this, Nano Twist will also get an all-new instrument cluster with LED readouts of parameters like fuel amount and engine temperature. The new instrument cluster will also serve as an interface to the EPS system, which is sensitive to speed changes. Nano Twist will get distinctive badging and a new colour called the Damson Purple. And all these additions and the new EPS system will come at a price tag increase of about 14,000/- INR over the regular variants respectively.

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Tata Nano Twist will be launched at the NCPA in Mumbai on January 13th, 2014. What we are sure is that, with the introduction of Power Steering, Nano will  become a much better city car. But will it be able to help its falling sales, we do not know! Do you think Nano Twist is capable of arresting the Brand Nano’s slide??

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  1. Its a good move by Tata to finally introduce a Power Steering on the Nano, this should add to the nano’s flick-ability in the city. But what the Nano truly lacks is a motor that can perform highway duties as well, the current 625 cc twin pot is insufficient on dual carriage freeways. Another issue is the stability of the car on not-so-perfect roads, a better set of tyres (at-least as an accessory/option) is sorely missed.


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