Analysis: Vista Tech, Falcon 4: What’s Actually Cooking Tata?

Don’t scratch your head in confusion. What is happening at Tata is really a mystery! However, we try to understand and analyse Tata’s future plans which may resolve this mystery of Vista Tech and Falcon 4.

  1. Question No 1: Why the need of this Vista Tech if Tata is already launching the Falcon 4 which is expected sometime this year?
  2. Question No 2: What is actually happening?
Our encounter with Falcon 4

Not that it is official but this is what our understanding says.

We date back to the day when Autocar broke the story of Falcon 4 along with a disclaimer that the Vista will continue to be sold even when the Falcon 4 will go on sale in India. This was in shark contrast with a generic understanding and practice of a facelifted model generally replacing the older one.

With the popping of Vista Tech from nowhere in lower and lesser trims, things are getting a little clear to us. This gives us a hint that Tata is playing the Maruti’s game of stuffing multiple products in broadly similar segments. They plan to do it in the compact sedan segment, more details of which you can read here.

So in the B-segment Tata will have two cars – Vista Tech and the Falcon 4 which will receive a new brand name soon.

This Vista Tech which will be launched very shortly, will form the bottom-most and middle layer for the B segment, with the Falcon taking a higher stage and be made available only in the topmost trims and higher engine specs.

Falcon Crossover Will Also be Launched. Click pic for details. Pic credit – Autocar India

According to this theory, Falcon will only be available with the 1.2L turbo-charged petrol engine and the 90PS VGT derivative of the 1.3L Quadrajet and may come only in the Z/top variants.

The lineup may look something like this:

  1. Vista Tech LS TDI
  2. Vista Tech LX TDI
  3. Vista Tech LS Quadrajet
  4. Vista Tech VX Quadrajet
  5. Falcon 4 ZX and/or ZX+ Quadrajet (in only 90PS) (in higher trims)
  6. Falcon 4 1.2L Turbocharged petrol (in various trims)

On the back of this understanding we believe when Tata launches the Vista Tech in a few days, it may announce competitive prices, against the current notion of D90-like prices.

The Falcon 4 will come with features of a segment higher and we already have spyshots of it sporting projectors and sportier interiors.

Do you think this lineup will make a better impact?

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  1. We Indian’s never like do dump any unuseful things, it might either be a cardboard box or beverages bottles. Similar is the case with our car manufacturers too, look 3-generations of Santo simultaneously sold in India – Santro Xing, i10 and Grand i10, and targeted at different buyers by positioning. Now Maruti too follows the same strategy and same is expect from the home-grown manufacturer Tata.


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