Hyundai’s Used Car Business – Hyundai Advantage is Now H-PROMISE

Hyundai has unified its used car business under one banner and with a new brand name called as ‘H-Promise’. Earlier it was called as Hyundai Advantage.

This is not only limited to India but a global initiative. H-Promise will be an integrated program which will provide assistance to the used car buyers. It has been noted that many car buyers are really confused when it comes to buying a used car. Everyone has some Uncle or Aunt who has faced some problem with a second hand car bought from some random local dealer. Hyundai aims to tackle this very problem with the H-Promise programme.


Hyundai believes that the presence of a strong customer base and a vast service network will automatically help the H-Promise to find its wings. The company aims to give information about used cars to the prospective customers with a transparency which is not usually found in local car dealers.

Hyundai has also overhauled its used car website, with the intention of providing its customers with an easy and convenient way of buying, selling and exchanging used cars. The company boasts of a strong network of 340 H-Promise outlets in 224 cities.

Benefits for Used Car Buyers:

  • Hyundai backed warranty for 1 year OR 20,000 Kms (Whichever earlier)
  • 2 free services
  • Certified by Hyundai
  • Cars refurbished with Hyundai Genuine Parts
  • Non Accidental Cars (No Structural Damage)


Benefits for Exchange Customers:

  • Best Price & Transparent 147 point evaluation
  • Best deals on new cars
  • Attractive Exchange Offers
  • Assurance of car going into the right hands
  • Hassle free Transaction
  • Flexible down payment with Lower EMI

The company officials said that Hyundai has exchanged 70,000 units and sold over 15,000 units of used cars in 2013. They are aiming to take this tally to 85,000 exchanges and sell 18,000 units in 2014. The company also plans to raise the tally of their H-Promise outlets, by the end of the year to 360.

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