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Finally, Volkswagen India has sensed their loop-holes and is thinking of some way-out to maintain the sales growth.

Mr. Neeraj Garg, Member of Volkswagen Group Sales India told ET: “This year, we are trying to consolidate and sit and see if we are doing all the things right. We have to see if we are having qualitative sales.

Since the starting of this year, Volkswagen India is experiencing fluctuating sales growth. As for reference, they saw a 3.38 per cent growth in January 2012 from the same month last year. But in February the sales growth was down by 7.77 per cent and again they grew by 2.85 per cent in the month of March.

However, Volkswagen India has registered an over-all growth of 51.68 per cent in the last fiscal, by selling 78,281 units.

Volkswagen India is now interested in maintaining the current growth rate they’re having.

We cannot grow at the same pace. Last year we grew at a very high rate. Now it is about maintaining that level” Mr. Garg said.

However, Volkswagen India thinks that it’s all about customer satisfaction that can help them maintain the growth.

Their focus areas include alternative fuel options as CNG, good after-sales service and meeting gradually increasing customer expectations through 104 outlets in 84 cities. Mr. Garg didn’t leave any trace of the time, by when the alternate fuel products will be launched.

It is just the beginning of a thought process. We cannot say right now whether we will go for it or we will not go.” Mr. Garg said.



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Source :  Economic Times




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