Volkswagen Polo GT TSI: Pictures, Technical Specs & Brochure

With a lot of fanfare Volkswagen has launched their first ‘GT’ car in India. Internationally, ‘GT’ signifies raw power and thumping performance and GT badged cars come screaming ‘Sportiness’ all around.


The first GT in India is not an out and out sporty car but one which definitely sits at the pinnacle when it comes to small car performances here. Polo GT TSI is Volkswagen’s shot at providing a performance oriented engine along with the added practicality of a regular car.

Costing 7.99 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, its costly, but where, in the world, is fun cheap! It produces 105PS of power output – the best out there; 175Nm, the best out there among petrol hatches; 7-Speed DSG Automatic gearbox – most advanced out there; 17.2kmpl of ARAI certified fuel efficiency – almost the best out there in Automatic hatches!

So, here we take a look at the technical specs of the car along with many pictures just  below that.

Main Specifications


Main Specifications 2:


Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brochure: Click on the following pic to open official brochure in pdf format


Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Pictures fro Launch

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