Volkswagen Reveals Why They Abruptly Stopped Polo Sales: Recalled

Polo Recall Affects 389 Units

Just a couple of days back a mystery letter popped up on the internet which claimed that the Volkswagen management had asked their dealers to stop selling the Polo range and there were obvious relationships that were drawn with the current ‘dieselgate’ scandal which has rocked the German manufacturer’s reputation in the United States and elsewhere.

Volkswagen India in an official communication has revealed the reason and as they said, it has nothing to do with the emission scam. Volkswagen confirmed that they are recalling 389 units of the Polo hatchback for inspection and repair of faulty handbrake assembly. The affected units belong to a single batch and were manufactured in September 2015.

New Polo 2015 (1)

Volkswagen India’s Quality Assurance department has found out that under certain conditions the handbrake mechanism will lose its effectiveness. It is believed that in the said batch of cars the handbrake cable retention levers in the rear brake liner might break under certain conditions.

The company has already identified the cars and has started taking necessary actions. Customers with the affected units will be contacted by Volkswagen dealers to come for an inspection and preventive repairs. The entire process will take approximately an hour and will be carried out completely free of cost.

While deliveries of the non-impacted Polo continue as per schedule, affected cars in the stock which had been put on hold will be resumed when the preventive repair of each car is completed.

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