Volkswagen Up! Gets 5-Star Safety Ratings in Australia

The Up! is the first ‘sub-light’ city car from the German manufacturer. As we all know, German cars are most renowned for its build quality and safety. Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has awarded the VW Up! with 5-Star safety ratings as it has scored 33.37 out of 37 points.

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This is sure going to be a boon for driver and passengers of the car. With frequent spotting of test mules in Pune we definitely feel Volkswagen’s intents to bring it for us, Indians. In India, the car is expected to go head on with smaller cars like WagonR and the likes.

With safety features like ‘City Emergency Braking’, the risk of accidents and the severity of it reduces by a huge margin. This braking system uses a laser sensor, which is integrated into the upper part of the windscreen. It scans the next 10 meters of space directly in front. The information is then relayed to an on-board computer and if it deems a collision is imminent, the brakes are applied automatically to either avoid an impact or reduce its severity. This feature is either optional or not available in most high end luxury cars, let alone small cars!


Mr. Lauchlan McIntosh, Chairman, ANCAP, said: “ANCAP is pleased to see that the Up! provides advanced safety features as standard and offers other occupant comforts such as Bluetooth as optional extras”.

Recently we exclusively scooped the VW Up! in India and it’s definitely expected to be India bound. We still don’t know if these extensive safety features will be on offerings, but all we can do is hope for the best!


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