Volkswagen Vento with its seven scantily-distinct variants might be better off with a new diesel model and that with an autobox, churns the rumour mills. The Vento ‘Trendline’, the ‘Comfortline’, and the ‘Highline’ diesels carry the similar 1.6-liter engine with a tempting promise of 20.5 Km/liter.

The 1.6L TDI is no slouch of an engine at that. It delivers a respectable 105 PS and a meaty grunt of 250Nm. A solid, satisfactory performer. The hitch comes when on a lazy afternoon you have a company far enjoyable than what is morally prescribed and you want your Vento to do just a bit more while the ride lasts, like, for instance, choose the appropriate gearing for a prescribed engine speed. The Vento wouldn’t.

Not yet.


But now, it seems, the barn cat has spilled the beans at our compeer speculating that Volkswagen is indeed planning to render the diesel Vento an automatic at last.

Willkommen, we say!

The publication avers that the Vento Diesel AT would be let loose with a Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe or DSG transmission, a 6-speed or perhaps a 7-speed version. Now, it is already well known that Volkswagen will replace the EA189 1.6L TDI with the EA189 1.5L TDI on both Polo and Vento so if this juicy bit goes true, the autobox will be mated to this new engine.

Won’t there be a power decline?

We have spied many mysterious test mules of Vento doing rounds in Pune

Volkswagen’s new 1.5L downsized engine comes with two power outputs of 89 bhp and 104 bhp. The 1.5L EA189 TDI with 104 bhp, if it comes, will be seen in the new Vento Automatic. So, no cause for concern there. You get the numbers similar to the bigger 1.6L and we expect higher fuel efficiency as well as better technicals, it being more modern! Further, speculations predict a festive season launch for the Vento AT.

Now all that remains to be seen is if and when and for how much.

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