Volvo V40 Hatch- Official Images

The Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner and the automobile enthusiasts like us are so eager to witness new launches, concept cars and debuts. It seems, Polish gumshoes stay all eyes to get a glimpse of any test mules or any forthcoming products, always, just like us. They went a step ahead and a Polish magazine, namely Motoryzacyiny, has published the official pictures of the forthcoming Volvo V40 Hatch.

The V40 is a 5-door compact hatch and is supposed to replace the existing S40 and V50 wagon. The V40 very closely resembles designs and lines of the S60 sedan. The designers of the V40 must have been very much inspired by the design of S60.

With the spectacular designing of the electric sunroof, long bonnet, low-angled wind screen, slopping roof line on the back, the car measures around 4,500 mm of length. The rear door is covered more with glass than metal part. This is real beautiful thing to look at!

This Swedish car will have a VEA (Volvo Environmental Architecture) Platform based engine, with not more than 2.0 litre displacement. The New Volvo V40 is supposed to compete with the premium cars like the Audi A3 and BMW X1 and Volkswagen Golf.

As for now, let’s keep our finger crossed and wait for the Geneva Motor Show, where we’ll get to know what more we are to get from this Swedish Beauty! Till then, keep going through the photographs and set your expectation higher.

Image source: Autoblog NL

Arghya Pan
Team MotorBash

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