We have been caught updating about the upcoming Cross Polo more frequently than what we would have thought. Thanks to the sneaking bits that are coming in thick and fast.

New-Volkswagen-Cross-Polo-India (1)

Well, in a latest, we have the following information today, thanks to Indian Autos Blog:

  • Cross Polo will only be available in Diesel
  • It will come with the same 1.2L 3-pot TDI Diesel motor from the current Polo
  • It will be available only in the Highline diesel trim.
  • Reportedly, Cross Polo will cost Rs 65,000 more on the ex-showroom price as compared to the regular Polo Highline.

New-Volkswagen-Cross-Polo-India (2)

The Cross Polo that we are getting is NOT the real Cross Polo that Volkswagen sells internationally. It can be considered as the regular Polo with some added kit, which, in essence, it is!

Our Indian Cross Polo gets a new grille, front and rear bumpers, slightly more pronounced wheel arches, black colored side cladding, silver colored roof rails, new 15 inch alloy wheels and black upholstery. It will come in 3 color options – Deep black, reflex silver and flash red!

New-Volkswagen-Cross-Polo-India (3)

According to Indianautosblog.com, Cross Polo is 17mm longer, 16mm wider and 21mm higher than the regular Polo. We do not think, Volkswagen has done any tinkering with the original Polo’s shell. The inflated dimensions you see here might just be because of the added kit.
Wheelbase and shockingly the ground clearance remains the same!!!

Volkswagen has already started teasing the Cross Polo at their official Facebook page as well as their website and the launch is just around the corner. Without much on offer, will Volkswagen be able to pull this one up?


The question then is: Will you buy the Volkswagen Cross Polo?





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