Ford Ecosport is possibly the only car we have seen of late which resembles a lot like the concept it was displayed when unveiled even in its production form. 

For other cars, manufacturers unveil heavenly futuristic looking concepts and launch immensely muted products citing production constraints and practicalities as reasons. Now, that the most awaited compact CUV is all set to hit our shores, Ford is expected to launch the car in many color options to give choices for all tastes.


Watch the video which we have appended below which displays Ecosport in at least 7 different colors. The colors which we can make out are:

  1. Orange
  2. Red
  3. Dark Grey
  4. White
  5. Light Grey
  6. Black
  7. Light Blue

Ford has 8 color options on offer in Brazil which includes a silver as well among the ones listed above. Apart from this we have seen yellow Ecosport being tested on Indian soil as well. So we hope Ford will also launch that color in India, probably as a special color or a normal one. There are rumors of Ecosport coming in as many as 10 different colors in India.


We have our reasons of believing that Ecosport will be priced very competitively in India and according to Autocar, Ford might shock everyone with a base price of as low as 5 Lakh!

Ecosport will get 1.5L Diesel mill from Fiesta along with the 1.0L Ecoboost petrol motor. According to our firm belief  Ecosport will NOT get the 1.5L petrol mill from Fiesta (Know Why). If et all it will be used, it might form a place in the Automatic variant only.

Here is the video of Ecosport in different colors taken from Youtube:




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