We are Targeting Maruti and Hyundai: Vincent Cobee, Corporate VP Datsun

You might have seen news flashes of ‘Datsun’ more than ‘Nissan’ itself during the last few months and it has a reason. Datsun cars were regarded rock solid and if we add the competitive price quotient, it becomes a prospect killer recipe!

Fast Forward to today and what you can see is a lot of excitement within Nissan regarding the introduction of ‘Datsun’ brand to the world. It holds a very significant importance in the Indian context and Nissan is world premiering it from India itself. In an interview to Economic Times, Datsun’s Corporate Vice President Vincent Cobee revealed many more details on and around the ‘Datsun’ brand.


Here are the important points which we can extract from his interview:

  • Research on Datsun brand and the local needs began as early as 2006-2007.
  • Nissan’s own teams along with advisory firms interviewed many people across different cities of India
  • Mr Cobee also shares that Datsun’s cars in India will primarily be pitted against the two largest manufacturers – Maruti and Hyundai.
  • He further says that Datsun cars will be modern products and will come with contemporary looks, services and greater functionality and practicality.
  • There will be 3 cars under the Datsun brand. We already know about them and you can read details here. While the hatchbacks will be launched in the same year, the third model, which is expected to be an MPV will be launched later.
  • Datsun’s core team comprises of 17 people at Nissan’s headquarters and a separate team in India as well.
  • The biggest point which Mr.Vincent Cobee revealed is the fact that Datsun’s cars will be concentrated towards the Rs 4 Lakh mark.

If you are unaware, Datsun’s reincarnation will happen on the 15th of July in Gurgaon and the importance of it can be understood by the fact that Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s global boss will be present to preside over the function. Datsun is really a huge step for Nissan and India and can make or break the relatively struggling company. So far the footsteps look good and we are also hopeful of an interesting preposition from the new brand- Datsun!

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I want to bring this to the knowledge of Mr Vicent Cobee, Corporate VicePresident , Nissan Motor’s Datsun through you, as I can not approach any higher officer directly in Nissan Datsun.

    That, I have purchased Datsun Go+ from Central Nissan, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India in June 2015. My vehicle has hardly driven 400km.
    During the drive in July, this Monsoon, it has been noted that Water drips inside the car on co-driver side foot rest from the AC condensing coil. Having driven a vehicle for 16 odd kms , a considerable amount of water gets collected on the mat on the co-driver side .
    I have brought this to the knowledge of service centre , central nissan and my vehicle is off road at the service centre since last 15 days.
    The problem has been made over to the R&D section of Nissan.
    I have a question was the vehicle not thoroughly quality checked before putting it open to the public. If yes, then why this problem is found in all DATSUN GO+ , but only brought to their knowledge by me.
    MY straight forward question to VP sir, how is the company going to compensate me for this error. Vehicle is not with me and i am paying the EMIs for the vehicle which is feared not promising to be perfect.

    I would be highly obliged if this is brought to his knowledge as I cannot reach him and compliance been given to me with the updation please.

    With regards,


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