At the Auto Expo 2014, Honda had a lot to showcase. Among the most prominent cars were the global unveiling of the XS-1 Compact SUV Concept and the national premiers of New Jazz and Mobilio.

Amidst all this, we caught up with Jnaneshwar Sen, Honda’s Vice President in India and had a quick tete-a-tete with the Honda chief in India. We will share the complete interview a little later, here is what he shared about Civic.

Older-Gen Civic which we had in India

On being asked by our correspondent Nilanjan Charaborthy about their plans on bringing the new Civic to India, Jnaneshwar Sen plainly said No! they are not even considering bringing it here.

This should put an end to the endless speculations that have time and again popped up citing the possibility of Honda introducing the new Civic in India.

New 2012 Honda Civic
New Civic

It must be remembered that we already had the last gen Civic, and when it was launched in the country, it was regarded as a car ahead of its times. Frankly speaking, despite its long Indian stint, the car looked as fresh as ever and gorgeous to the core. Many of our readers, including us, feel that the new Civic just doesn’t fill up the shoes, the aura, last Gen Civic left to the world.

Honda pulled the plug on Civic in India last year and has cleared that the company has shifted its focus to the more volume-centric market and has been on a rampage ever since they introduced their 1.5L diesel engine, which first saw application on the successful Amaze and recently on the new City. This new 1.5L diesel motor will also find place on the upcoming Mobilio as well as the New Jazz.

Existing Civic and New 2013 Civic
Comparo With Existing Civic & New Civic

With regards to the Civic, Honda is full with product plans till at least 2016-17. After they are done with the onslaught, they may sit back and analyse if they really want to introduce the Civic in the falling D-segment sedan market. And we wish we may have a new, better Civic by that time 😉

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