What CAR : Question & Answer: Round 1

Hello Readers, we have launched a new feature tab on our blog – “What Car?” wherein you can ask us anything related to cars. Then be it confusion on which car to buy or smaller details about any car you are stuck at. Your questions would be published in a similar fashion so that other readers also get benefited by it.

To kick start this feature, here is our first question.



I am in a real stiff about buying my first car. My parents have agreed to buy me a car Upto Rs 3 lakh. As I am new to the car scenario, I really don’t know about which car should I buy. I know that hatchbacks have more FE but I am rather a speed demon on my bike, so I really need a car which can give me the chills and thrills. I have considered buying a 2nd hand sedan but don’t know which will satisfy my needs. It has to be a diesel car with low maintenance. If you could suggest me a good car with both pros and cons it would be really helpful.

Thank you…!



Hi Debdeep,

From what we understand is that you are looking out for a used diesel sedan at 3 lakh rupees which is fun to drive as well.

First, being a speed demon (on bikes) points to quicker acceleration which is more of a Petrol engine characteristic. Diesel cars are more torquey rather than being quicker off the shelf. The closest example from bikes world we can give is Pulsar 220’s and Royal Enfield’s Classic 350. Pulsar 220 is quicker but RE is more of a torquey monster.

Coming to your car:

Considering your requirements, you can target C-segment sedans which are good in FE and decent in power.

  1. Ford Fiesta TDCi (Old):
  2. Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire (Old):
  3. TATA Indigo Manza

While prices vary with different aspects, you need to find a good and reliable used car around your budget. We doubt you would get a good condition DZire and Manza in your budget, you can get 2006-2007 Fiesta TDCi in your budget. Between these three Dzire scores in terms of reliability and lesser maintenance costs but it is not as roomy as others.

Fiesta TDCi is a good-to-ride car but spares and service are slightly costlier than the remaining two. Fuel efficiency would also be a kilometer shy of the competition. TATA Manza is the most airy and spacious and the biggest-looking car here. Because of its higher depreciation, you would get a starting 2009 model at luring prices (somewhere around 4 lakhs for a good car). Cons include typical TATA niggling issues.

Our recommendation would be to increase your budget slightly and go for a good condition Swift DZire.


In case of anything more/else, please write back to us. Do let us know what you finally chose. All the best.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash

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