What Car? Round 6: Which is Better Quanto or EcoSport; Fiesta or Verna?

We thank all our readers for sharing these question with us. Here we present the Sixth Round of What Car?

If you are unaware, in this section, we take direct questions of generic buyers like you. 

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In this Round of What Car?, we talk about:

  1. Better UV between Quanto and EcoSport
  2. Better sedan between Verna and Fiesta

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Question 1: Quanto or EcoSport? Which one should I consider?

Quanto is spacious, what about EcoSport? Quanto is comfortable for 7 ( 5 Adults + 2 Children) What about ES? Quanto is Diesel and 7.5 Lakhs what about ES? Quanto’s width is 1850 mm, What is ES’? These are a few question comparisons which makes us wild. Purpose of having either of one is highway running 65-70% of my ride will be highway. Hardly 30-35% in Mumbai city. Please Advice which one?

– Ashwin

MotorBash: Hi Ashwin,

Well, product to product, EcoSport will be much more contemporary and technically advanced than Quanto. And that we can claim even before the product’s launch in India.

However, its the other personal preferences that will decide a more suitable UV for your use. Rest assured, EcoSport diesel will be way over Quanto and will have a capacity to seat only 5. But it will be much nicer car to drive with better and more assured feel, better response and more confidence inspiring handling. It will also come with better quality of interiors and a little lower stance and a smoother engine.

EcoSport will be a better UV than Quanto, but prices and other factors will decide it for Ashwin.

We will suggest you to wait for a while before we come to know about all the aspects of EcoSport along with its pricing before passing (or even considering passing) on a judgement. Meanwhile, you can also consider including Renault Duster diesel, whose 85PS variant starts from 9 Lakh on road.

You can also read our complete coverage on EcoSport here, which will clear a lot of your doubts.


Question 2: Which Car should I buy – Fiesta Titanium or Verna 1.6SX?

Which diesel Car should I buy – New Ford Fiesta Titanium or Hyundai Verna 1.6 sx. Selection criteria is Look, Performance, Ride, Handling and Comfort for daily 200 km running and maintenance costs also.


MotorBash: Hi Santosh,

Well, there are two ways of considering this. If you go by plain logic, Hyundai’s Verna outscores Fiesta in most practical reasons. However, if you are more of a driving enthusiast, you will be tempted towards Fiesta. Its no doubt that Ford has traded quite a few bits on the new Fiesta, for instance, what in the whole world, is a fixed geometry turbo doing on a 12 lakh car!

Verna is a much more powerful car here with some really quick figures and better in-city drives and higher top speed. It also has better quality and feel inside and looks simply fabulous with its flowing Fluidic Lines.

Hyundai Verna is a more suiting car for Santosh.

On the other hand, where the Fiesta scores is in the Fun-to-drive factor similar to the earlier Fiesta. It is a driver’s delight and more often than not you would want to be in the driver’s seat in this car. It handles much better in tight bends and straight lines!

But if it comes to putting your money on a car between these two, it has to be the Hyundai! But wait..

Verna is really fast on paper and on the roads, but frankly speaking it feels lifeless and doesn’t imbibe much fun in your drive. So, if you strike out this parameter from your list, its still Verna which you should be driving home between these two. And if you ask us, we will also urge you to broaden your list to include the fantastic Vento Highline to the list. It costs about the same and is one of the best all rounded machines in this segment.

You can read a detailed review of Fiesta here.


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