MotorBash Fluence

While on my way to my office day before yesterday morning I spotted this ‘Red’ number plate-d good looking car and without any second thoughts took a u-turn. Went up close to understand this is the Renault’s Fluence. Was a little  confused initially since Renault has very recently launched a higher variant of its Diesel Fluence.

MotorBash Fluence

Stopped my bike and asked the man in Renault shirt about the car. But sadly I was informed that this was a dealer car and not a test mule. It was a petrol Fluence and was there for a proposed test ride to some IT company guy in Hinjewadi (IT blokes are getting rich…!). Nonetheless, had a small conversation with the friendly dealer guy about the car.

Price of Fluence Diesel: On Road Pune

Fluence Diesel E2 : 15.05 lakhs

Fluence Diesel E4 : 16.10 lakhs

MotorBash Fluence



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash




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