What is Volkswagen Testing in This Vento Test Mule?

Volkswagen is milking their existing products as much as it can to extract a lot out of them. And there is nothing wrong with that considering that both Polo and Vento are modern and look fresh. 

We already know that Volkswagen is preparing 4-5 different variants of Polo hatch, spy shots of many we have already shared. For the sedan Vento, we got to know about the upcoming CNG version through our conclusive spyshots which we shared in December last year.


We have landed upon another test mule of Vento with test equipment (marked in the pic) and loads at rear seats. This mule was spotted parked at Pune bypass road. After roaming around the car, we could not notice any particular giveaway to ensure if this was something apart from the CNG variant. But there was no moniker to clearly establish if this, indeed, was the CNG variant.

Is there anything new which VW has planned on the Vento apart from CNG? Will Vento also get more powerful turbocharged engine on the theme of Polo? Or is there anything which we cannot comprehend right now.

What according to you could this Vento be testing?

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