Whooping 355HP, 0-100 in 4.6 Secs: Thats A45 AMG – AMG Version Of A-Class & Its India Bound!

To cosy up to the discerning ultra sports-car enthusiasts in India, Stuttgart-based luxury-car maker Mercedes-Benz is looking forward to make its AMG range more accessible. In addition to the already-present C63 AMG, the SLS AMG as well as the to-be-launched E63 AMG, Mercedes could bring the surprisingly-zippy A45 AMG.

Mercedes-A45-AMG (1)

You might be skeptical about the capabilities of the teeny-weeny A45 AMG….it will amaze you with its performance! Though it is powered by a 2000cc petrol mill, forced induction pushes it to the top-of-the-list in specific output among production versions, whipping up a heart-rending 355 hp. To help the rubber dig its heels onto the tarmac, the A45 is equipped with a Four-Wheel-Drive. Its 0-100 kph sprint performance is phenomenal to say the least, coming in a miserly 4.6 seconds. The turbocharged mill will propel the A45 AMG all the way to an exciting 250 kph!!

The A45 is no slouch in the looks department either; with dark-black highlights taking preference over the hackneyed chrome detailing. Monstrous 18-inch wheels allow the powerful car to glide over the tarmac, yet the stopping power of the brakes is emphasized by the red detailing.

Mercedes-A45-AMG (2)

However, a few trifle issues need to be tackled. Indian law states that Foreign Auto-manufacturers can import cars without the necessity for homologation if their Freight-on-Board price is above $4000 and their petrol mills have a capacity above 3000 cc. To sprinkle salt on the wound, manufacturers often recollect tales of the long-drawn out as well as very-expensive process of homologation. Though it could still be done by a tenacious Mercedes-Benz, the small volume of cars that will be sold would leave their account books in the red.

Mercedes-Benz has a Plan-B in place, thereby showing its seriousness. They have hinted that if the A45 AMG doesn’t get around at the estimated price tag of 52-55 lakhs, then they could offer a special version of the A250 in India. It might sport stiffer springs and dampers, and possibly a more punchier mill. AMG Body kits could also be in the upgrade list, so Merc has hinted.

Time to dig up your bank accounts then!


Source: Autocar India

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