Will Honda City Come at Shocker of Price? City’s Specs Comparo with Vento vs Verna

We have said this time and again! New Honda City is one of the most important car of the year. No spyshot was able to surface anywhere in the world before its official unveiling on 25th November and it further helped create another iota of interest.

However, now that we know a lot about the car, with only its price remaining to be known, are you as impressed with it as you had expected. While majority of our readers have expressed a lot of praise, a fair bit of them have shared their disappointment specially with the specs of the diesel engine.

New-Honda-City-Pics (5)

Honda has retained the exact power and torque figures of Amaze and has added an additional 6th gear. Though we have not driven the new version yet but for City, being a premium C-segmenter, more was certainly expected. Reports point out that Honda has worked on the engine’s driveability but the diesel engine clatter and noise remains.

What stopped Honda from increasing the power of the car? Sure cost constraint is one reason that is being promoted but…


I am sure premium C-segment customers would not have discarded the new car if it would have carried an ARAI rated fuel efficiency of 22kmpl! One just gets the feeling that Honda might have gotten a bit over-confident with the success its first diesel car, Amaze, has received. Anything around the 120bhp mark and new City would have been a new 5k per month seller (including the petrol, if Honda can work out their production capacity constraints).

At 120bhp, 220Nm VGT, 22kmpl, only ardent Honda haters would have not considered buying the new City. Not that it will not sell now; it will be among the top sellers still, however, its drab specs do give a chance to a car buyer to consider other options as well. It may remain a 3000-3500 units per month car now.

Honda-Vezel-Compact-SUV-Pic (15)
The much awaited Vezel compact SUV. Click pic for details

Honda City was always known to be a complete car, almost perfect in all major parameters. However, with the much awaited diesel engine, does it carry the same lineage? You decide!

We will wait for its prices and if that cost constraint was a genuine reason we expect the diesel to be priced at a shocker of a tag! Well, the launch is just a few days away (speculated on 9th Jan) and that is when we will come to know about its price.

Here is a quick comparison in specs of New Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs VW Vento diesel:

New City vs Vento vs Verna
CAR New Honda City VW Vento Hyundai Verna
Engine 1.5L 1.6L 1.6L
Power 100 @ 3600 rpm 105 @ 4400 rpm 128 @ 4000
Torque 200Nm @ 1750 rpm 250Nm @ 1500-2500 rpm 260Nm @1900-2750 rpm
Fuel Effieciency 26kmpl 20.5kmpl 22.32kmpl

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