Will Nissan Terrano SUV be Able to Replicate Duster’s Success?

So, we have the further developments on the Nissan’s Duster based compact SUV, which we now know, will be called as ‘Terrano‘. Along with the name, it has also been revealed that, contrary to the current trend, Terrano will be a more premium version of Duster and hence, it will come at a higher sticker price.

Let’s do a quick analysis on Terrano’s prospects in India.

This is Duster D-Cross Concept. Click on the image to know more about it. Pic Credit: Carscoops.com

  1. NAME: Now, if we observe closely, this is a very interesting development in the compact SUV segment. As a first, the name ‘Duster’ have struck a chord with the generic urban buyer. Will an alien name ‘Terrano‘ be able to replicate the same?
  2. PRICE: Many of us feel that Duster, in itself, is overpriced for what it offers. After an increment of Rs 75,000 as speculated, over this price, for essentially the same vehicle; will it make sense?
  3. SIMILAR INTERIORS: What majority of buyers we have interacted with loved about Duster was its exterior appearance and its butch looks. What they felt ‘could have been better‘ were the interiors. We echo the same thoughts. Absolutely contrary to view, in the latest revelation, Nissan’s Terrano is claimed to carry forward the same interiors! Will people be able to digest similar dull interiors at a more premium price?
  4. COMPETITION: When Terrano makes its way into India, it will have at least one more competition apart from Duster, the very potent EcoSport. Following that we have hoards of compact SUV’s gunning for a pie in this segment. While Duster had the first mover advantage, Terrano will have to slug it out hard.

All in all, we might be getting another potent product in this fiercely fought segment, but there are a few holes which we see from what has been made clear. Again, defying all odds, Duster is a breakthrough success in India; Nissan will be hoping for the same.

But the question is: Will you buy Terrano at Rs 75000 over Duster?

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